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Family House in Llucamajor, Mallorca

Sa Font Blava - A Family House in Llucamajor, Mallorca

Mallorca is considered the crown jewel of Spain’s Balearic Islands. It’s a popular destination for tourists all over the world. Known for its beautiful coastlines, beaches with pristine waters, secluded cloves, great tasting food, wineries and limestone mountains, it is easy to see why so many people spend their holidays in Mallorca. Plus, from its dynamic nightclubs that provide a sneak peek into Mallorca’s vibrant culture to its quaint mountain villages that offer hiking trails and road trips along stunning mountain ranges, Mallorca is a destination that offers something for everyone to enjoy. 

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, there is no better place to stay than at Sa Font Blava. Sa Font Blava is a family house in Llucamajor, Mallorca. In this finca in Mallorca, you will find everything that you need to enjoy your stay and your vacation. Sa Font Blava offers accommodation with a private pool, a balcony and pool views for you to relax. The garden in Sa Font Blava is also a place of serenity where you can melt your worries away. Complimentary Wifi is included. Plus you have everything that you could want to make you feel at home, such as a microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and fully equipped kitchen.

Sa Font Blava is more than a family house in Llucamajor, Mallorca - it is a place to enjoy, from which to go out and see all of the wonders that Mallorca has to offer, but above all to share together with your loved ones. To learn more about this finca in Mallorca, contact the staff today or go to


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