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Pool House in Mallorca

Are You Searching for a Pool House in Mallorca or Rural Home in Mallorca?

Who doesn’t like relaxing by the pool or taking a dip to cool down in one. Everyone loves homes that have swimming pools. The relaxation and fun activities it offers adds to the appeal for any home. When on vacation, a swimming pool is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. What’s even better is having your own private pool for you and your family to enjoy. And, if you are looking for a pool house in Mallorca, you should look no further than Sa Font Blava. With it’s own private pool, Sa Font Blava will give you that resort feel. Not only does this pool house in Mallorca come with pool chairs and umbrellas for you to relax, but it also comes with a pool side grill, where you can enjoy barbequing and grilling while spending time with your family. 

If you are looking for a rural home in Mallorca, you can be sure that Sa Font Blava can offer the privacy that you are looking for to help you relax and forget about your worries. This rural home in Mallorca comes with everything that you need to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Mallorca without leaving the home. Not only do you have the pool, but you also have a beautiful garden that is full of serenity, a terrace overlooking the pool, complimentary Wifi, satellite TV, air conditioner, equipped kitchen, washing machine and more. Even though this rural home in Mallorca is far enough to provide you with a secluded vacation home, it is not too far to keep you away from the vivacious culture and beautiful beaches of Mallorca. 


Whether you are searching for a pool house in Mallorca or a rural house in Mallorca, Sa Font Blava is definitely the place for you! Learn more at

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